Monday, March 23, 2009

Product News...

So I have been wishing for some wider tubular rims for cross. Not only did I find out there is something available now but there are options...

Wisconsin locals - Sun Ringle have a new aluminum tubular rim out called the Vista Cruiser, I am guessing a nod to That 70's Show. It is a 32 Hole Black 21.2mm wide 14mm deep 385g tubular rim and retails for $45.

Another northern Midwest company has their C2 rim profile now available in a carbon tubular - HED Stinger 6 23mm wide 60mm deep carbon tubular wheel set. Retail $1500

From HED -
"The C2 tire well secures the tire in a wider and slightly deeper “cradle”. With increased support of the tire carcass, sidewall flexion is reduced, and less flexion vastly increases cornering stability and general handling. It also improves tire efficiency. One hard corner at speed will show you just how much the C2 well decreases tire wash under heavy loading."

Sure they are talking about typical road tubular widths, but the same should apply for cross tires as well. I am intrigued by the idea of a larger gluing surface for tubular cross tires. The idea makes sense especially with the increased casing size of a 32mm cross tire. A wider rim is going to better support the wider tire and allow for better handling, a larger contact patch, and better rolling. Just look at the evolution of 29"er MTB rims guys were using 19mm wide road rims in the beginning, but now the standard has been pushed into the mid 20mm and even into the 30mm wide range all to support the larger casing size and give better handling.

I think I may have to have one of each this year. I love trying out new technology and every season it is something different. Wider rims may be just the ticket this year.

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Cale said...

katy rode the vista cruisers all last season and quite liked em. light cheap and strong enough for cross. a rare combination