Monday, June 30, 2008


After Saturday's Crit start and watching/hearing a lot of people slip off, miss, and just plain screw up clipping in at the start got me thinking. Every time you ride your bike you have to clip in your foot. You would think it wouldn't be a problem, but a lot of riders don't take the time to practice clipping. If you watch riders starting from a stoplight or stop sign you will see what I mean most will kind of ease through the intersection and take time clipping in. Every time I have to stop while riding I do a mini start when I get going again. I usually have the same anticipation for the light to change as I do for the official to start a race. When the light changes I think about getting a couple of good strong pedal stokes in and clipping in cleanly. It may not seem like much, but think how much better some cross races or MTB races would go if you were able to get to the first turn a few places higher as the result of a clean fast start. Sometimes it is the little skills that can make a difference. Take time to practice the little things. How do you get off your bike when your are done riding? How do you start from a dead stop? How do you get on your bike when you are on the grass, or dirt? Practice those cross specific skills all year, so they stay fresh and sharp.

Think about the small stuff.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

20 Bucks...

Is a lesson learned,
A valuable tip,
A hard training ride,

A first time prime.

Kitted up and payed the man for "Roadie Race Saturday" again. Yep another Saturday and another Crit. I was feeling much better this time, road the bike over to the race, warmed up and was taking this one a little more serious. RRS started well I rolled with the lead group for a couple of laps, but after almost getting crashed out in those two laps I started to get antsy. The pace was all over the place, first fast then a little slow. Guys were weaving all over the place, I had enough. We came down an incline to a false flat and I found myself in the top ten. Well I gave it the gas to see what would happen.

As I was pedaling up the crosswind side and guys were yelling coming up on the left, I thought this is a bad idea. I am taking the wind, attacking on the third lap, and everyone knows I am coming. Oh well I took off and decided to see how long I could hold out. As it turns out it was about 3/4 of a lap. So I figured I would settle ba
ck in, recover, then play antagonist again. I got slotted in near the back of the field and wouldn't you know it a bunch of guys almost went down right in front of me, I tapped by brakes and away rode the field. Another day out in the wind by myself.

Lessoned learned - stay in the front and just play nice. If you get antsy, stay put and out of trouble.

A friend came up after the race and said - "You know if you soft pedal you can just get back in the group a lap down and continue in the race with the field" Ah crits with there own set of rules - the free lap mechanical and letting the pack catch you to ride along. Good tip, but I think I prefer the lone suffering of dangling off the back. It makes for a more effective training ride. Doesn't it?>

So an official My Wife Inc wife did her first ever road race and got the whole experience. She went for and won a prime, hung on the finish in the group, and finally, got some drama from the girl she beat out in the prime sprint after the race. Way to go Mo!!! As far as I know that was the first money earned by anyone in a MWI kit - NICE.

make it fun and enjoy the ride.

Friday, June 27, 2008


New Challenge tubulars on the horizon ---> "mud" tire dubbed the Fango, and Whtie file tread Grifo XS.

And Continental is coming out with a tubie this year. Cross is definitely gaining some momentum.

enjoy your choices.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Got some dirt under my wheels. 2 hours of singletrack fun with friends! Boy oh boy did I need it, after my lashing this past weekend...

I pinned my first number on of the year on Saturday and raced a crit. Now criterium races aren't normally my thing, but I hear they will make me faster come cross season. So I have put some on my schedule. I am not so sure about that one though because there is nothing like getting lapped in a Masters 4/5 race to make you feel good about yourself. Yep I was more than just pack fodder, I was fish food. But I didn't crash and I kept on myself to finish the race and pick some guys off at the end - good training ride right?! I was pretty down after that embarrassment, but in hindsight I didn't really commit to the race. Let's see I rode for over an hour at 10 pm the night before, I didn't really warm up unless you call rolling around chating with friends a warm-up, and my pre-race nutrition plan consisted of a power bar and some water. This weekend I am going to take the race a little more serious for my own emotional well being. Proper warm up and all.

Back to the dirt..

Drove down to the Kettles and rode most of my favorite stuff - Emma Carlin and the connector to John Muir. Oh man the connector is so much fun. I was feeling it on the way into the John Muir parking lot, Ross washed out on a climb I passed by him and gassed it all the way into the lot. On the way back I was still feeling good so I kept the pace high all the way. Nothing like the feel of dirt underneath, the sun in the sky, and the smell of pine needles to set your mind straight! I don't even mind the hundred or so mosquito bites I have today, "No thanks, I don't want any repellent!" real smart move.I am feeling refreshed, and refocused. Last week was a downer, but I have let it go and moved on thanks to my wonderful wife who let me go ride by bike on "Family Day"- THANK YOU!

...don't dwell on the past, find your Reset button and remember to use it and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


See this:

KLM Marketing Solutions and USAC are currently reviewing the call-up/staging protocol and rules for the 2008 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships. The call-up/staging protocol will be announced February 1st, 2008


Maybe some KC guys have the info? I like the KLM guys and all, but I was the first registered "B" racer last year for 30+ and I barely got a first row call up, lots of KC guys on the front row.

Anyway mark your calenders Septmeber 15 12am registration opens.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Does it motivate you or hold you back? Is it better to go out in a blaze of glory or stay comfortably conservative? How well do you really know your limits if you never exceed them?

I know for me the mental part of cycling is the toughest. I am content on most days to stay within my comfort zone and play my hand. On the rare occasion that I have crept past the line I have tasted success at the risk of utter failure. Failure haunts me. Mediocracy does not carry the glory of success, nor the pain of defeat, but it certainly isn't gratifying. Is consistency over the long term better than pushing the limits resulting in a complete implosion? Can you really improve and push yourself to new horizons without rocketing past those limits with total disregard for the outcome? I must find a way to turn off the my inner safety patrol that keeps me holding something back "for later" so that I may know what lies beyond the line and push myself to new heights.

...push the limits and enjoy the results.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Jordan's Bike. The sign says it all. Saw this on my ride home from Crystal Ridge last night and had to turn back for a picture. Jordan must have a lot of spare time.

enjoy your rig however you may roll.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Rode out to Crystal Ridge, aka Wednesday Night the Races course and took some shots of the mudslides.
Southside of skihill.

Westside of skihill climb.

Looking down the climb.

The mudslides caused some major damage. I ran some of the singletrack, most of the water has receded. There is mud mixed with gravel almost everywhere. A lot of standing water in the low spots still and some general debris. It looks like they took a grader to the gravel climb and smoothed it back out some. The climb is on the westside of the ski hill is pretty rough and narrowed a bit in spot. Hoyt Park was still under water in many spots this morning and is going to need a lot of love as well. Everyone who races, trains on, or enjoys the local trails should lend whatever time they have to rehab the trails as quickly as possible. your part so everyone can enjoy the ride


$150 for a Shimano chain ring! ------> Exclusive yes, $150 I don't know think so. I will give them this, they make a damn fine chain ring, quite possibly the best thing coming from the Fishing company's little cycling division.

Everyone has a little guilty pleasure and for us cross junkies it just maybe overpriced "PRO" style - exclusive chain rings, carbon brakes, french tubular tyres, and elusive wheels.

enjoy your obsession...

Monday, June 9, 2008

We interrupt this training session...

Not going this way.

The "FunCut" not going to be fun for a while.

Golf Course or swimming hole?

Turned back again!

So my weekend training went a little something like this...

Put off riding on Saturday to hand with the family unit. Went out for what as going to be two hours of pain. I was stopped after 15 minutes by a a gentleman with a weather radio "Rain is coming"
Me - "Oh yeah" .
Weather radio guy "No, really severe storms are coming!"
Me - "Okay"
WRG - "They will be here in 5-10 minutes"
Me- "CRAP, I had better high tail it home, Thanks!"
Put the bike in the garage and all hell broke loose! Thanks weather radio guy! I then get a call from fellow MKE My Wife Inc'r asking for a Shop Vac, they have standing water in their basement. The misses comes by for the shop vac and a few minutes later I get another call. They need to get everything out of the basement it is turning into a wading pool. Carpet comes out, everything off the floor, find the numerous leaks bubbling up form the floor - fill the 10 gallon Shop Vac every 2 minutes! They had a long night, it kept raining off and on all night.

Sunday. I went out after work and well you can see the pictures - water, water everywhere!! Lots of people will be drying out for some time to come! The trails are going to need lots of TLC.

be thankful for the dry days...

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Race rig has arrived!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Barely made the top half of the Overall for last Wednesday Night Races. It's tough when you reach the goal you set for the week and end up further down the list. Oh well still pleased with what was accomplished. Knowing that my goals are still months away and hoping these guys are burning out by then. Stick to the plan, trust in the plan, believe in the plan.

It's all just riding your bike...