Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jingle Cross Rock Day One...

Jingle Cross Rock day 1 is in the books. It was a great day of racing all around! Lots of Midwest talent peaking at the right time.

Devon and Lisa Women's Pro 1st and 2nd podium rocking the sand.

The Wells bros. killing it from the start.

Troy Wells on the climb.

Marko rocking it!

Marko looking good on the climb.

Some Goofball all by himself.

At least I looked good.

The womens Pro race was great. A group got off the front Josie Jaques-Maynes, Devon Haskell, and Lisa Strong. They took turns attacking each other then settled in for a dual. Devon and Lisa dropped Josie and duked it out for the win with Devon getting the best of Lisa and Josie coming in third.

The men's race got off to an interesting start with a huge pile up early in the first lap allowing the Well's Brothers to escape never to be seen by the chasers again. Andy Jaques-Maynes put in a good effort to catch but couldn't close it down and was soon joined by Wsico boys Marko and Matter. They rode well together trading pulls until something happened to Matter who fell off the pace leaving Andy and Marko to dual it out for the final podium spot. Marko was on Andy's wheel going in to the final turns but Andy came around the final turn all alone to take third uncontested. I didn't hear what happened to Mark in the final turns (they were out of sight behind some barns) or what happened to Matter, but they both rocked it today!

My race- well had an awesome start moving up into the top 3 with some superior line choices on Crusty's wheel but couldn't hold the big boy's wheels. I managed a 13th in a very strong and packed field. Best of all I went up 3-0 on Crusty! He has to take the next three if he wants to pull even - not any easy task!

If tomorrow's weather forecast comes true it is going to be an snowy epic!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

LeBam Down and Out...

Tuesday night was the start of an extended Holiday/Race weekend. With no work until Monday I had a hard ride planned Wed, Turkey and a spin on Thurs, and travel to Jingle Cross on Friday.

Well LeBam picked up a little friend from school, whose name is Projectile Vomit, and came home with other plans. It is always very obvious when she is feeling crappy - all she wants to do is lay on your lap and watch TV, she NEVER just watches TV she is usually doing 2 or 3 other things st the same time. About 6 pm in Tuesday the vomiting party began lasting most of the night. Wednesday she woke up made her way to the couch and then the living room floor and didn't move until bedtime - at least the vomiting had stopped, so we thought. Last night at 1 am it came back. This prompted a trip to the hospital, some IV fluids, nausea medications, and a 4 hour ER stay. I am happy to say she is smiling, eating crackers, and drinking today, the worst may be over. (fingers crossed) Now hopefully no one else in the house gets the bug and we can salvage the weekend.

here's to being healthy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The weekend...

So I raced the 3's last weekend at the State Champs.  I needed a little "rubing is racing" time for the big boy races coming up.  The masters category up here is just too small and we all string out from the start and jsut kind of settle in.  I was looking for a little more chaos, and what better place to find it than lining up second row in the State Cat 3 race. 

Well I got what I was looking for.  I lined up right behind th
e series leader thinking he would start fast. well everyone swarmed him, I got pinched a little and tried to pass on the outside but got stuck in traffic about 5-7 wheel.  Tried to make my way up the line but the guys weren't having it. I came around on the flats but the leader was already gone.  They just let him ride away, there was never a reaction in the group no one tried to chase him content to let him go.  I guess this has been how it played out all year in the 3's.  After the split was made a group of 4  was left 2 SS and 2 of us on gears.  After trying to make something work between us and failing I uped the tempo and pulled away from the group.  I continured to chase but the damage had been done and the leader was well away.  Apparently he was met with a less than enthusastic reponse when he crossed the line and I was cheered on with "If i
t wasn't for the sandbagger you would be State Champ!"  Whatever the case he rode away, no one chased him , and I couldn't catch him, so good for him he will face the music in the 1/2's next year.  I was a little worried I would get the sandbagger label after racing Masters all season but all of the ill will was directed at the other guy, and I had a lot of "If it wasn't for ___......."  conversartions after the race from the other guys in the race.  It's all good.  I had a great time racing in Wisco this year - THANKS TO ALL THE PROMOTERS, SUPERFANS, SUPPORTERS, AND RACERS for an awesome Wisconsin Cross season!!  

One of my favorite shots from the race. Borrowed from djohnnymac thanks!

Still 5 more races on the calendar for me 4 of which pit me against Crusty.  Watch out Crusty I am feeling fast!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wisco State Photo Essay...

Here are some shots from the Wisconsin State Cross Race today. I'll give some words later...

MWI ready to crush the 4's. Dr. Giggles took the title and CT came in 7th?

Start mood was relaxed in the 3's.


Chillin poolside.

Looking good.

"State fan" - state champ and superfan!

Cheering section.

And a Super Pit Crew.

Equals 2nd Place in the Cat 3 State Race.

Loading up the B.A.V. after an awesome day!

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and cheered their hearts out! All the encouragement makes you faster and helps wash away the pain of pushing yourself past your limits.

3 more weekends of racing folks. Next up round 3 of Crusty v. Endo at Jingle Cross in Iowa.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jingle Cross Rock...

So it is official I am going to beat Crusty at Jingle Cross! How do I know, you ask. Well the intraweb says so of course. In fact I am going to take third behind this guy and Shawn, not bad I'll take that. Says so right here. Well that only takes into consideration racers who have been in races that are tracked by BikeReg or the cross results website, but still I am going to beat Crusty! As for Kevin and Shawn those guys have been on all season, Kevin has been sticking it to the 1/2s down in Chicago and Shawn is running second over all in the 30+ here in Wisco, just missing out on the W a couple of times. I am going to turn myself inside out to stay on some wheels and make something happen at Jingle Cross!

...only 4 weekends left here in the upper Midwest - make it happen!
Oh and Crusty just remember as long as you try, it doesn't if you win your lose, well mostly lose.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


No matter how cold, tired, or ready to leave you are after a race - never ever assume the officials will get the placing right and leave.  I was only passed by one rider on Saturday, who went on to win the race, while sitting in third and somehow today I am in 7th place.  Let's just say they blew it big time on this race!  Laps were mysteriously disappearing on the lap cards, no one really knew how many laps we had to go, come on only 10 Masters and 8 Pro/1/2 and you can't keep track?  Don't even get me started on the rampant sandbagging that is going on in the 4's and 3's that is totally being ignored.

Sorry jsut one of those venting kind of days...

...icy roads forced me indoors to ride!   Oh not to mention I took out a sign post last night driving home form work.

Enjoy your internal victories and don't worry about the "results"!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Coach must have been psychic! Yesterday's race at a new venue was 90% uphill. Uphill start/finish, always climbing, or turning off camber downhill to climb back up again, or the 50 M beach ride, or the steep run-up - always ON no rest with super short laps. How short you ask - after the first 3 we saw 15 to go! Yep! Luckily this guy showed up for a little fun and cut one off my total (he looks to be healing well). After the 1/2's started lapping everyone the officials got a little confused and went form 8 to 5 to go in one lap then from 2 to 0 to go- I don't think anyone was complaining! I'll have to dig for some pictures as the super fans were elsewhere this weekend. Cold weather end of season excuses kept the field small but cut throat. I raced harder and wasn't content with sitting on wheels this time and rolled in for fourth - nice result on a hard climbing course makes me feel like I am on the right track for climb heavy Jingle Cross Rock and Nationals. I do wish the Masters field was larger here in Wisconsin so the races wouldn't get sooo strung out and there were more guys to hunt down and chase.

...enjoy it while you can.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2009 Kit

The 2009 MWI kit design has been approved and is nearing it's finishing stages. The first order will be going in January 1. If you want to get in on the first order stay tuned for details...

Monday, November 10, 2008

3rd Place...

At least I can take some solace in putting together a decent fantasy cross team - here
We'll see how long it will last now that Boom is killing it every race! Crusty appears to be afflicted with a strange one - Trebonsis - I hope its not contagious! Me I just lack aggression. Raced a super cool course down in Chicago on Sunday, but couldn't find the fire to hold my spot in the train and let it cho-choo away. I need to find the aggression zone for this race and this one. Can't have Crusty using my to cure his Trebonsis! Speaking of kicking Crusty's ass - I think we are going to have a four wheeled My Wife Inc throw down during Cross Nationals weekend - keep your eyes peeled for karting details as we figure out a time that works for most.

...enjoy the season while it lasts!

Monday, November 3, 2008


That seems to be word I keep hearing from the KC folks about this years Cross Nationals course.  If the weather turns to crap - which it probably will, it's December in the Midwest after all - you had better be prepared to RUN.  I've heard different accounts, but at least three seems to be the number of spots that you would be running if it turns sloppy come the second week in December (not including the stair run up)  At least the starting turn appears to be a little bit smoother and have less potential for carnage right off the start!  Also it sounds like most of the parking may be in the field as well with very little near by paved parking.  Does any of this matter, not really I am still going to go and have a BLAST!

...see you in the mud the second week of December in KC.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend O' Racin'...

Oh what a weekend! Two very different courses, but soo much fun!

Saturday we had a few visitors from the Windy City which added to the field size and competition, I don't think this guy has raced since nationals. Super fast start, missed clipped, but luckily there were enough twisty turns to keep the field in site. Kept it going for a few laps as the eventual winners eased off the front. Dr. Giggles and I were keeping pace until he put the hammer down on the flats and got a gap. I let it go and waited for the chase group of 4-6 guys to come along. Well the group shattered and only two came up to me as I sat in to wait out the catch. As the laps ticked by it was down to a Planet Bike guy and myself, I was doing just enough work to not get caught but not enough to reel in the Dr. With four to go the PB guy started to get motivated and upped the tempo just then his lever hit some snow fence and he hit the deck HARD - cracked a rib I believe. Well a few laps in no mans land as the Dr and I rolled in for 9th and 110th on the day. Almost got to play the "team" card, but not quite. This race has the longest run-up in Wisconsin on Saturday - 10 times up it on the day, thanks Marko for lapping me and relieving me from an 11th trip up the hill. Man that guy is fast, it is very cool to get the chance to see him flying past you! He deserves all the results he is racking up this year! At least I've got a couple points on him here, the only time I will ever have a chance of being ahead of him in anything bike related I'm sure.

Saturday Pics courtesy of : The Sponsor, thanks honey!

Let the fun begin!

Working it on the run up!

I do love the run ups!

Enough already... NEVER!

LeBam the SuperFan!

Today brought another local course, with a somewhat home field advantage as it is the site of our Wednesday night cross practice. Some what smaller field but still stacked. Feeling spry today I nailed the start and took the hole shot! Too bad I can't hold it for more than half a lap - ha!! Once again the Dr and I were at it until he went on the flats and I covered the chase group. The chase was quickly whittled down to two others and myself, one just happened to be the defending 30+ state champ. As Dr. Giggles was dangling so close off the front I did ZERO work and just sat on the wheels, man is that nice sometimes. One of the guys in our group was bunny hopping the single barrier but didn't really ever gain any time on us, then he cased it once and we never saw him again. (Bunny hopping looks cool but what is the point if you don't gain any time and can't do it clean every time in a race.) As we came around to the double barriers preceding a straightaway the catch was eminent and I prepared to launch once we made it up to the Dr. We did and I went. For the next couple of laps we tried to work David over, each of us taking our turn on the attack, but David is a smart racer and you don't win the 30+ cross title and time trial title without having a little bit in the tank. He anticipated our attacks each time and covered everyone. With two to go I told the Dr. to wait for it, and he did. He tried to make a move with half a lap to go, but David covered, I blew, and David got him in the sprint for 7th (I think). Anyone else we may have been able to work over a little, but David has a good sprint and is a very smart racer, we threw everything we had at him but just couldn't make it happen - it sure was a blast trying!! No pics today as the battery was exhausted.

Some of the most fun racing of the season this weekend! We got to try some "team" tactics, I got some serious run up prep for Jingle Cross, and the wives were there for it all - doesn't get much better, well some mud and Crusty would have made it the perfect cross weekend I think. Maybe the planets will align and perfection, well as close as you can get to it anyway, will happen at Jingle Cross! Oh and the newest MWI convert Chad - no nickname yet - took a well deserved 3rd in the 4's, way to go man! What a weekend...

...I needed a reminder that cross is FUN! Now if I could just get some crappy weather!

2008 Cyclocross National....

Preview lap from the shake down race they had yesterday in Kansas City. From what I was told about the course if they weather turns bad - rain, snow, ice - you had better be prepared to run!